Why can't I pick all 7 drivers?

The program works according to the game rule that says you get to pick 7 ‘starters’ per weekend and you must pick at least 1 driver (or car, for sports car races) per weekend.

On the Select Starters page under the select starters box on the left, it says Pick Starters for: and shows a listing of that weekend’s races in red in a drop down menu. If you click on the drop down menu the program will show all the races for that weekend, so you can click on each race to bring up the list of potential starters (and remember, the lists ARE NOT entry lists, just lists of drivers, riders or sports cars published as likely to participate in each series).

If you try to pick so many drivers in one race that you can’t select at least one driver in each other series racing that weekend you will get an error message. To submit your full 7-starter lineup each week you have to select all the races and pick at least one driver per race.

What if I never received a confirmation email?

If you register using a social media account no confirmation email is necessary. When you register by providing an email address and password, and click the ‘Submit Registration’ button at the bottom of the page, you are automatically sending the confirmation email to the email address you listed. If you don’t receive the email with the link that completes the registration process, either you input the wrong email address or your service provider is blocking emails from You can re-register using a different email address, or you can check your spam, bulk mail and junk mail folders. Finally, you can contact your service provider and instruct them to allow emails from

Why is it that I get no replies when I try to contact the game administrators?

Because your email provider won’t let our replies through. We receive your emails, and we reply as quickly as possible, but your email provider won’t let our response emails through. Or, the answer to your question can be found in the FAQs section.

What if I forgot to submit my starters?

You will score zero points.

What if I swear I put in starters but there are none shown and I scored zero points?

You scored zero points. Starters can’t go away or be deleted after they are submitted; the only way your submitted starters can be removed is via you logging in and removing them manually.

What if an entry or driver isn’t listed in the selection menu when I pick my starters?

The league strives to have all available drivers, riders and sports cars per series listed on the starter selection menu. Occasionally, last-minute or late driver changes will occur and the league will make its best effort to add those new drivers as soon as that information becomes available.

What if an entry or driver is on the list but doesn't race?

He or she will score no points and neither will any player who starts them. The lists are NOT official or even unofficial entry lists by race; they are rosters of as many drivers, riders or sports cars that have raced in that series before, are expected to race at some point and/or have scored in the top 16 for a race during the current season. If a racer isn’t running full time in a series, or even if he is but can’t be in two places at once, check to make sure the driver you are starting is actually racing.

What if a race is postponed?

If a race is postponed, the scores from that driver, rider or sports car will not be calculated until the race is finally run. This means that the round will not close or be completed until the postponed race is completed. When the postponed race is run, players are not allowed to re-select their starters. The postponed race is not counted as one of the races for the round in which it has been rescheduled.

What if a race is canceled?

If a race is canceled, never to be completed, then each player’s picks for that particular race will receive no scores, and the round will be considered complete.

I don’t understand the scoring system.

Go to Results and click on a previous race to review the points grid. The Game features a unique, proprietary scoring system created to offer different strategies for selecting starters and reduce the number of ties. Only the top 16 finishers can receive game points. The Game awards points for finishing performance, qualifying performance, leading a lap, leading the most laps, and being the first finisher for up to five different manufacturers. But only if the driver, rider or sports car finishes in the top 16. And sports car races are scored according to overall results, not by class.

For instance: Finish points are awarded to the top 16 only. First place gets 160 pts, 2nd gets 150, 3rd gets 140, etc., etc., etc. If a driver, rider or sports car earns a finish point, that starter is eligible to get bonus points for qualifying, leading a lap, and driving a particular type of race car. The five fastest qualifiers are eligible for starting position points. Polesitter gets 55, outside pole gets 44, 3rd fastest gets 33, 4th fastest gets 22 and the 5th fastest qualifier can earn 11 bonus qualifying points as long as he or she finishes in the top 16. Any driver who finishes in the top 16 and leads a lap during the race will receive 22 bonus points. If the driver (or car, in the ALMS and Rolex series) leads the most laps, an additional 22 points will be awarded. The highest-finishing driver for each different manufacturer, up to five, will also receive bonus points. The winning driver (or sports car) will automatically receive 55 bonus points for driving the highest-finishing type of car. The highest placing driver/entry of the next different car will receive 44 mfr points, and the highest placing driver of the next different car in the finishing order will receive 33 points. The highest placing driver of the 4th different kind of car will receive 22 pts and the highest placing driver with the 5th different type of race car will receive 11 bonus pts — if he or she finishes in the top 16. In spec series only the winner receives mfr points.

Does the league use the official order of finish in distributing points?

Yes. The Game uses the first official release of race results to assign points. Occasionally, results change within a few hours of publication and scores are updated accordingly; game scores are usually final on the Tuesday following each race weekend.

What if the results change after the first official release of the finishing order?

Like if a car or bike is disqualified? Or a team, driver or rider is penalized or suspended or fined in some way that also changes the final, official race results? The Game guidelines are as follows: Points are awarded based on the actual order of finish at the end of each race, according to the sanctioning body’s official results. If the equipment, drivers and/or riders made it through tech and qualifying and pre-race inspection, then points are awarded according to how they finished the race according to those published results. If they cheated so blatantly that immediate action is underway upon completion of the race – i.e., the officials are aware of an impending appeals issue and have announced they are going to make an immediate decision – then the results become official AFTER the officials make a decision on the appeal issue, or announce the race results as official. But if a long-term, pay-the-lawyers appeals process is started (like in Formula 1), one that is going to last days or weeks or even months, that appeal and it’s long-after-the-race verdict are ignored. The scores will be tabulated according to the official race results issued prior to appeal. All decisions made by the Game Commissioners are final.

What if the qualifying results are changed, affecting the starting grid?

If a rider, driver or sports car qualifies in the top five but the time is disallowed — meaning the entry did not officially post a qualifying time — no qualifying points are awarded. If a driver or car posts a top-five qualifying time but is then moved back down the grid because of a per-series rules violation, i.e. in NASCAR if they change an engine (and have to start at the rear) or in F1 if they have to change a transmission or say something bad about the Queen (and are dropped an arbitrary number of grid positions), that entry still receives the earned qualifying points according to the session results.

What if I start the winning car but I pick the wrong driver?

Unless it’s a sports car entry, you’ll score as many points as the driver or rider you picked. In series that run race cars with only one driver or rider (all except the Rolex and ALMS cars), you are starting the person. For example, in the Nationwide Series one car may have many different drivers throughout the season. It is up to the player to know which driver is in which car for which race. Since Rolex and ALMS sports cars have more than one driver, there are no multiple listings per racecar. The Rolex and ALMS races are the ONLY races where players select the car (by car number and class) instead of one driver or bike rider toward earning points.

What if my starter qualifies the car but doesn’t start the race?

That starter will get no points. The only way a starter can receive FMFL Game points is by taking the green flag and finishing in the top 16.

And if a driver qualifies the car but doesn’t start the race, but the car finishes in the top 16 with a substitute driver?

The driver who qualified the car will get no points. The substitute driver will earn finish, mfr and lap points if he finishes in the top 16 but is ineligible for qualifying points; this rule doesn’t apply in sports car series races.

What if my driver qualifies the car, starts the race, but has a substitute driver finish the race for him?

Your starting driver will receive Game points. (The sub gets squat.)

What if my driver doesn’t qualify and doesn’t start the race, but takes over the car during the race and finishes in the top 16?

Sorry, no Game points will be awarded to the driver who finishes, but they will be awarded to the driver who starts the race. (The sub gets squat)

What if my driver qualifies one car but finishes in someone else's car, in the top 16?

Sorry, no Game points will be awarded to that driver unless the car that he or she started finishes in the top 16.

What’s the tiebreaker?

The tiebreaker system for periodic contests is based on each team’s cumulative score for all previous rounds through the current round. Example: Let’s say it’s Monday morning after RD #7. Six teams are tied at the top with the same number of points, the most among all teams in the league. The tiebreaker process checks each of those team’s total scores, through the round in question, and awards the contest win to the team with the highest overall score. If a tie still exists one winner will be chosen according to which player had the highest score for the previous round; if a tie still exists after comparing all previous rounds the winner will be determined by earliest registration date.

If two or more players are tied at the end of a contest period the winner is determined by points per latest round. Example: If its the end of the season and two players are tied for a championship the winner will be determined by which team’s point total for the last round is greater. If a tie still exists the tiebreaker will review the previous round, and so on, and so on, until one player has a greater weekly points total.